Our Lord and Sister {Who includes the ancient persona iyehuweh/yahuweh/'YHWH'/'jehovah', YeHehaWaHeha [~like yhwh] means Who creates in NA indian} - is our most Optimistic Entertainer. She can be bizarre, freaky and wierd and She may be irrelevant but She's quite sane. She may be very chaotic.. and yet She's not in all ways unstable... And She loves to celebrate with parties and festivals! ‹when she's not havin fag out back› The 'hour' is near for one of our Empress's great wedding parties, that starts as Her Emmissary, Yeshua (Jesus) is revealed on earth. In His return, He marries the saints, and then rules the earth with them for '1000' years. ... join with us and we will rule eternity as Sis/Bro-Parent-Children.   ( bible refs; Lk 14:15, Mt 22:1, Lk 12:35 ) 

....people farce/fiasco's their way into universal reinitiation.  
'Lonely universalism: PLEASURE intends to continue experiencing itself. PAIN dislikes itself and intends to delete itself from eternity..
but pleasure jumps in calling itself pain and they are lonely okay together.. and so, so much more than okay.'
 if you doubt your plans do not doubt your lovers - and we all might seem to be 'last' from some point of view
;thiivuwcophikqlaiseichun: A snake's not the same as where it went in the grass just now - or is it was twot?: 

  }optimistic pantheism{ 
  SAd To ‹‹-›› bE haPpY  ♠  iT's ALl foR tHe BeST 
  contentments + confidencings + consolationals 
  ;uNivERsaLisT eMPiRe ReVolTeS ReBellIousLy: 
  Happiness about... Love 

  Taoist pantheist 

and christian

Risk is considered to be a hazard leading to pains only
for a short finite temporary time period in eternity...
Since overall in eternity our pains are
far outweighed by our pleasures....
. . ..in the short period where we suffer pains hazards occur
yet the risk is all made well worth it whatever our fates
- whether in the short term we run risks or win or lose,
we all get a reward of infinite pleasure for small finite
pains equal to each others - SO THE RISK IS TEMPORARY....

The christianity found on this site is derived largely from the bible in which...
     ...The Christ preached that anything will eventually be given to all who ask for it. He then added to this that all that you ask would be given to those who ask where they ask in faith and don't doubt. His philosophy seems divided... We are left to decide then whether to prefer a Christianity where asking with mere expectation is sufficient to receive what we ask or whether belief or trust is required also. Consider the case of someone who asks with some expectation for something yet have no conditions to be faithful to and no beliefs for a particular time of receipt - they have expectation yet lack a trust or belief.. has not the Christ said asking is sufficient yet then did he not add that faith is required.
     In any case for the quite open-minded of us who would also receive Christ's promises, we would tend to believe besides Christ's teaching, that those who ask or believe for something may never receive it (that is when it is not happiness - for happiness should be given to all). Also evident to the open mind is that those never ask or believe for something may nevertheless receive it anyway.

Some persist, some ask, all get

ABOUT THIS SITE: .... General hints and guidance also some reiteration of ideas concerning Contentment, happiness, satisfaction, confidence, consolation, suffering, Love, Trust, Hope, thankfulness, ideas concerning contentment, concordance, harmony, fairness, justice, the universe, the Lord, universal renewal and religion in as diversely philosophised into subjects in mathematical logical numeric theory applications ..... SITE MAP:

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♣ site intro   ♠ site authoring

the morning flowers display their sweetS
and gay their silken leaves unfolD

As careless as the noontide heatS
As fearless as the evening colD

nIpt by Wind's unKindly blast
FaDeD by The sUn's dirEctor ray

the momentary glories waste
the shortlived beauties die awaY

Although the 'nettle' is in the 'doc' it becomes avoidable.....

...progress, trans-muta-metagress, regress...
Antigress_Disgress_Ungress , persisting luck

Pleasure + Pain = TwoWitnesses,
Pain+Pleasure + Conversion =ThreeWitnesses,
....so OneWitness is not about pain alone....

..randomings... .







Connotations accumulating.... .


('opposite' -controversies , 'balance-imbalance' -controversies)



SAMPLE  SPECIMEN   categories


Anti Dis Un creation-evolution

MOTION/FLUX: space  time ; duration  order

MATERIAL; intensity

CAUSATION generalises through grammar

EXPERIENCE; noun-verb

experience and change = existence
experience simultaneous with change makes flux

perogatives~ PERSUASIONALS ~precedentS
Sentiences specimening samples    tautologies

'Cogent'(relevantly intelligible) psycho-plausible therapies
..may be corroborated by the sequel

pleasurings axiom-ing interpretings
universalities perspective-ing contexturings

Affiliationals Affinities Compatibalisings
quite  quirky  ~ queries ....
..Shearing, Compressing, Expanding...

funks thrilling ecstatically
experimenting on each other..
suspecting pleasures of wanting each other, for sure

Consciences Jealousing Issuingly
frienzies tribaling randily
Friends Familiarising Mate-ily
feasts investing sexually

Life involves a mysterious dance between wildness and tameness,
purpose and accident, duty and scruples,
within the variagation of the collective consciousness.


Geniuses Adapting Cleverly

Memory's associations changing dimensionally

greatnesses   diversifying   fullatively
reasonable rational logical

Acceptances Feasibilities Plausibilities  Ultimatums
distinguishments  +  repetitions
difference x similarity

The Universe offers - We Us You
}]Sessions )with( Versions[{
The Empress gives the universe Her ego - Me I Self

The God and the Devil coorporations agree to take revenge
on each other until it becomes mutually pleasing..
and things seem.. according to distinguishable ways of viewing....

contentments Continue
discontents Discontinue

pleasures like experiences of their existences
whereas displeasures are choosing annihilations

fair is fair until you like it
that's in the experience of lore,
the laws and all the liurs

...ocean is fish in an ocean fish.....
If someone fishes for your uncertainties why refuse them..




parents proud of children who lose all their money in the earth

Fairness chooses your love
Luck chooses you

Love chooses your fairness and luck
Love can be... pleasure choosing how to let displeasure
decide how to eliminate itself.

Considerations Attentivenesses Focussings.
Choosily Daring Fates.

'Who are the Gods or who are the Devils' is a relative argument
-yet 'do we want pleasure or pain to continue eternally' is not ..?.

Here are nine sORTS oBh LaubfH

Fancy     adORAtion     ,passioN.

AFfection         kiNDneSs         ,appreciATION.

Favour   ,FriendlinesS   ,fondnesS.

Communications Dealing Choosily
abilities  ambitioning  aptitudinally
\\i do not like waht i do not experience but i might
want to like what i don't experience.

Sacred is holinessess as contentments concording harmoniously
Holistic: accordances interrelating wholesomely
Resources Exchanging Protocol ~ Systematicalities
Sacred Lust Hustle
... Also Of Else;

Is there anything a saint can't do well if they
are enough like God?

No one in the Universal Effulgence can imagine as much
evil as She imagines good.

Anything enviable is good enough to love.

More youth is older~ness,
So full youth is old.

the Universe is an Empress of Contentment and Discontent
The Universe is Lord; mmuch more good than bad,
God is the Lord - truely good,
the Enemy, the Trialer is a lord and a god.

The Lord God;
She does not bad except from good.
Judging not trialing.
She consoles if She pains.

Yet all doing their good and bad achieve good.

The truth may set free or enslave to freedom.

Get real fair ~~ injustice is Not not fair
..unless considered as yet not fair enough nor disfair enough
- until injustice is fair enough.

The Lord only ever disagrees with Herselves
after She becomes no longer Purely Good
- still Lord perhaps but not The Lord.

Good Integrity
True Naming
Free Fakery

Our destiny is... a hole to fill +/- dig..

existence is your experience of the idea that experiences may exist
beyond all experience currently experienced
Experience contains existence.

So love's mutating laws in our conscience puts everything
in the universe into manageable bits...

Balanced Compatibalisings
~ affinities appealing preferencially ~

Religious, Anti-religious, Irreligious.
Relevant, Anti-relevant, Irrelevant.
The good, the lucky, the bad.

Mindful experiences are imaginings by proving specifics
or by knowing generalisations.

jOBs  hELPing  hEALTH
inceptionality awakenment  hypnotising dreamily  instincts


wholesomenesses  harmonising  contentedly
wholesomes  nurturing  therapeutically

voyeurs confidencing preferencially
confusions prioritising contentmentally

wotever else we're all hedonist even if we're not
and so,.. optimism celebrates the whole of it

'Material-is-plot' - Which of us live only with spirit unclothed?
old school is coming new-never-old
  Service   Productivity    The Excellent Message     Intense Diverse Rich Harmony Delegation     Universal Promise    Pleasing God   Helpfulness 

materialisation philosophiser initiation, as some of you will know, portal becomes you...
...I hope that the words of this site are mainly true but my hopes have been known to contradict each other... let your way be wise for you.
This is the site of a presumptive universalist western taoist

I seem to like remembering to think I'll hope
sumthing impossible to hope..

it is illegal for the law not to mutate,,. except for the exceptions that make up the mutating rules.,.
anything in general - whatever in particular

All are fair always.
Controversy decides arguments.
Judge or Trialor and other career options.
Original genuinely fakes.

Anti means instead - means more/other.
Arguments prove things beyond themselves.
Achievement waits..

Always another 'of'...
anti-dis-un of the 'subplots'

Hope is fate's choice.
Consolation becomes contentment and stays that way.

The universe equivalates the Gods and the Devils.

Your fairness assembles and disassembles the jellyfish of who we are.

Fulfilment may be better than promise n yet fulfilment isz promise of....

And so after the deleting and unwasting,.,
~ fate lets you get people and things the way you want ~ always.

Contentment becomes discontent replaced by contentment - end of story.
friends become enemies who become friends - forever.

You can't change someone's destiny but you can change
which one of them you want them to be (whenever you can).

better betting best

..whether thats right, back, down, left, forward, or up; in the circumstances of the situation, as is sensible to the wise (lucky to the skillful) - the greater truth is the symmetry if it contains the asymmetry. But he-hey then - what about the unseen asymmetry which is balancing that asymmetry into a symmetry.

Now who's the greater, more diverse, fuller - women, men or neuters? Gender definition varies from species to species and according to the sex paradigm which you prefer to another you will end up with alternative preferences for your fundamentalism. When all such fundamentals are seen in the fullest context you can assume that they are all equally balanced infact. Gender is a relatively decided thing as related to the contexts we are aware of. So then the story can go on and on since various realms will have a multiplicity of sexual categories rather than just three mentioned. And so, there are some very general ideas for approaching a simple categorical way of comparing sexuality. Beings will experience relatively more or less of these categories from each of their points of view of what the other experiences in the interrelationality; constrasting or comparing: AND&OR, AND, OR - diversity, repetition, different, similar - and then there are the varying proportions of richness, pattern and ideas about potency in our experiences.

.,.the 'password' is help,
the 'magic' word is probably....
'what' might do.

.,.for some people one god is a gain so the other is a loss.,.

Fullnesses contentifying fatefully.
Pleasurement likes optimism contentment..
Contentification of optimistic limits.

As pain hating pessimism is only temporarily necessary as displeasureable in people's experience then,
.... given choice choose pleasure liking optimals.

Some hypothetical destinies are not actualiseable.
Indelible good. Suffering not erased but escaped.

way forteis suitably detailed

all theorisings can be viewed to be experiments
change changes the will-explanation of the change

we~ish; us~ish, you~ish  {ego(s)}   me~ish; I~ish, self~ish
Is anything yours twice over relevant to itself?

Eventually, all optimism is rewarded,,.
yet often not in the same way as anticipated....
Hope is an everpresent instinct.

Any pessimism + some pessimism --> total optimism

To be a HOPE may be as good as to TRUST in LOVE.

All fully rewarded
All equally punished.

Suffering cancels suffering, sin cancels sin.

Contentment makes less equivalent to more
yet contentments always become equal and maximised forever.

All existence ideal opportunity

Reputations antireputating unreputablenesses.

Love Fair Luck.

Love says fair, Fair says LOVE.
Fair says luck, Luck says FAIR.
Love says luck, Luck says LOVE.

sensualize nirvana karma,
| contentify optimistic pessimism -
mind virtual career.


— Change brings Optimism – 
Likibility liking likeables
– Confidence is a voyeur of optimism — 

–fuzzy logic chance
)is sussing mutually(

randomly defined average fatally distracts into life.

Anyway.., [an irrelevant thought block turned out to be just what they needed

id egos the superego - ('a freudean') else,,.

.,.and/or identification personalises characterisation.

  Entertainment outlives boredom 
  God is saying to everyone 'Let Me entertain you!' 
  God will make us fully happy in all our experiences... GOD IS HAPPY-SAD - lovingly happy to be temporarily sad. 
  God IS good and only allows evil because He can create out of it a greater happier kind of good. 
  Its all gonna be made infinitely much more than worthwhile... 
  Ultimately, overall, it's all for the best! - each one's sufferings bring them to their best possible future! 

  We are all destined to be fully happy and equally content... 
  We all evolve to perfectly like and/or love any experience of Iyehuweh, the Creator and Operator of all, Whose name is Love
  Eventually, all come to be fully content and/or loving so that they are fully loveable, and therefore all come to be equally loved

The Empress is caused to be both wild and tame with Her universe..

Religion is an evolving ecosystem of consciences:

Karma is career-luck.

God is content, optimistic and bold,
and to be fair suffers along with the rest of us.

Your experience of identity determines
your innocence and guilt as associated with conscience.

Hating random hope is hating yourself - why bother?

Angst turns yesterday's sins into today's duties.

Religious mathelogica sayeth:
Escape those boring explanations and excuses - when you can.

The universe in me pulls the strings of my identity, my self.
Love - Hate, Trust - Worry, Hope - Fear
content/discontent, happy/sad, satisfaction/dissatifaction,,
Concord/Disconcord, Harmony/Disharmony.

incidently Luck is absolutely potent, luckily information is incidental

Lessened conscience substantiates less ability to be guilty.

Sometimes we choose our hopes and fears. Sometimes we don't.

mathematics means knowing in generalities.. art is the proving of specifics

fames talenting randily


We are all productions of our own original or fake imagination

The universe eternals mutationally.

ambivalence ambiguouslies arbitrationally

discernments presuming assumatively

relationships synthesising reductively

synthesis abstractly analogising

synergies inductively ontologising

ideas defining strategically

associations interpreting symbolisms

The religious and irreligious are both usually substantiators
of sensualities and may be fate-interrogating improvisors also..

As adding more youth to us makes us older, which is to say that,
infact, old age experiences more of youth than young age.

So, young is young, but young is old
where each age is as young as its old..

Reductamentally irreduceable elements
are synthesised together to construct experience

Beingstance:  Identigei Persona Charicature
Being:  Identity Personality Character

Unique Special Worthy

reinterpreting the sense acccording to your own database....

'1/2' the time our experiences are exactly as they
seem while all the other '1/2's of the time
the experiences are cunningly something else, infact.

Sometimes our reality ideas are real illusions
- other times surreal delusions.

Partial paradigm drift

.... according to the comprehensionality
with wholesome paradigms
as holisms and absolutes
of the totality
- through the general relativity
- of irreduceables ........

anything in general, wotever in particular
main-major principles a-balancing:
main statisticalities balancing major elementals.
statistica discretioning elementality
elementa discretioning statisticality

..universe  brahman  divinity  politics  taoist  zen  karma
...with the irreduceables
& Aristotle Plato Hegel...,

nurture natures nurture, nature nurtures nature
nurture and nature persuade themselves

experiencers problem hypnotism - problems experiencer hypnosis

Here come-s the details.
;all well manner will are:

Mutation equivalates all hypotheses.

Irrelevance is relevance - but it may not seem so.

Dimensions are unnecessary except for entertainment

Future is Past.

You are me but you are not me also depending on order of our existence's experiences.

The insight to experience someone's entertainment can entertain you.

Therefore if suffering can be used to produce more entertainment then its worth it.

So all destinys are made relevant by entertainment possibilities.

We will like existence - like all people even if we hate some of them for just a little while:
     You like what you like and you hate what you hate - but you should do this in love - willingly allowing people what is their fair share of what they like and what they hate - being in agreement with God's plan for them - their fair fate. Peter was unwilling to be content with Christ's suffering and was told to cease from willing against what is inevitable.
     We should be doing for others whatever we would choose (based on your current experience of what is fair) for them to do for us (as if we were just like them and they were just like us).
     So we should like people's likes, hate people's likes, like people's hates and hate peoples's hates... in such a way so that we are liking and accepting people's fates as fair and working for the best for each and every one of us... optimistic that in time all suffering of hate will be cancelled out forever.
     There is a catch: We may be able to change what people like and what they hate and then again we may not. Some people like this, some people don't. People like their influence and lack of it since they assume that all fates are fair and for the best for all of us, while others dislike their lot even though people realise its fair.

Food, Sex, Trade

In due course, we all come to like and/or worship
the Mother/Father God Persona to the degree that we may experience Her/Him.

Good luck will find you..

Love, consolation, judgement.

Society, God, Saints, Sinners and whoever we think we are.

stylE  typE  clasS         CATEGORY

waIt       compliant  ambivalent  maybe


protOCOl       strict  casual  formal


rAp-taLk/musIc       pUNK/Classical  iNDIE/Jazz  rOCK/Folk

drAMa       scene  theme  choreography

Vibe/Flux       boom  rave  grunge

Just win, just lose....... just equivalent.

I love it when a collective fluke comes together.

The Lord is an Empress, an Emperor, a Family Affair.
The empire revolts and rebels eternally.

The Lord gives Her consolations to all beings
and Her mercy competes with all Her judging.

Wotever the debates between brain and heart
the conscience may eventually decide wot you are worth.

I bet you think your experience is about someone else.

Therapy question: Easier to get permission or forgiveness?

Self-limited thinking is a start before
learning to synthesise greater thought by discussion

Choices and automation.

Each to their own neighbours.

The good must publish or be damned
..to guess at influencing others for the best..

Our ideality may exceed the limits of our awareness.

Good Love in any one's identity has not ever since sin's creation willed any sin into any identity with miserable pleasure or despising liking or pessimistic optimism. Good love means pleasurable misery, liking despising, optimistic pessimism as a means to the end. Sin was in the plan; and we wait for it to come to pass. Why bother willing it? But then that's what good also likes to will - willing sin into people in optimism of the best result. The critical issue is whether the pleasure rules the pain or the other way round - in the doing and willing. Essentially its good because consolation pleasure is accompanying the will to sin.... And so Good Love may will temptation or judgement or punishment on any identity according to its just conscience ~ in harmony with the harmony and disharmony of others.

The maximum possible infinitely intense equivalence of the importance of all beings throughout eternity is made possible by loving happiness infinitely cancelling out finite suffering..
     The greatest appreciation for happiness is that success is the greater because of the failures, the second greatest appreciation is the experience of pure success, and the third is appreciation for the temporary failures themselves....
     Without the creation of opposing wills in existence and sinful failures - we could never happily experience our failures along with our successful endeavours... Our alternative forms of love each combine with our sin and sufferings to transubstantiate them into the best possible happinessess which replace all the temporary sufferings of love and sin. And so the temporary existence of lost happiness and suffering are both theoretically absolutely necessary to allow and cause the fully maximised experience of the happy pleasure of thankfulness, appreciation and kindness in eternity and the maximised forgetting of all sadness and pain of the disloving...
     The main meaning of all God's ordering, creating and evolving activity is to combine His loving happinesses and sufferings with His creature's sinful happinesses and sufferings to synthesize the best maximum possible equivalence of intensity of all existent loving happinesses. And so, a main purpose of life, the universe and everything is that God and His creatures may come to experience the maximum loving intensity of happiness forever and forever all are collectively able to travel through the maximum diversity of equivalently important happy experiences.
     The exact way that we choose to do justice or sin always provides us with the very best possible situation in the universe from which to learn to love more ideally. So, from the eternal viewpoint, our exact circumstances always suit us in precisely the most ideal way possible - in order to synthesise in the best possible way the maximised equivalence of all loving happiness. Our circumstances are always an ideal resolution, opportunity, challenge and channel for us.
     Consciousness of sin is the experience of any material with some accompanying sinful will against the process of equivalating all our importances - which is the prevailing drive of God's ideal will to make us all equivalently important in everyway.

  Experience Iyehuweh God's happy destiny. 

  Within the Lord, God and Master/Mistress is the Family of the Mamas, the Papas and the Children

...all trails within BRAHMAN lead to a new adventure!

  Some of the time in eternity our answers..
are our ways to express our continuing questions... 
  Christ is a Door through which we may enter into ALL things! 

The God-Devil identity crisis drama....

  Creatures may be called to become sinners to make sinners saints.... 

  You can never escape being you - having your own experience of existence, but you may
find yourself temporarily unable to identify yourself within your own experience
and yet may also become someone else's identity. 

The function of guilt is applied to the identity according to the conscience in the selves.

In the times of sin and suffering, many people oftentimes only take small parts of the Good Lord's identities
while many who achieve times of perfect idealness and are unable to identify their selves
as anything other than part of the Lord's Own personal identities.

.,.our scriptures have advised us that there were seven elements of love
that the saints were required to continually maintain to a diligent
degree in order to ensure growth in love;

 2Pt 1:5 - friendliness, endurance, devoutness, virtue, knowledge and scrupulousness (cleanness).. and, Php 2:12 - fear of God. Also the apostle Paul taught in his time that saints should first be disposed to the 'lowness' of heaven and rather than the realms of earth and subterreanea.
All these regulations - along with other restrictions of old religions are not always
generally necessary for the majority to maintain continual ideal evolution onwards towards nirvanal eternal destiny.

Religion's meaning is to love - love's purpose is to entertain. Love is happily sharing your happiness about what is good,
and your suffering of what is bad, with all others - by various attentions, decisions and implementations...

God, regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.
God is an idealist - anything less than ideal saddens Him. Yet God is happy about all things - eternally happy and loving.

Wherever sin abounds in a creature, there God's generosity will superabound. (Rom 5:20)

Overall in time, God is equally merciful and fair to all of us, and we are equally lucky overall - but temporarily our luck is unequal... In each person's entire infinite history, we will each experience the same amount of infinitely rich happiness and finitely intense suffering that God experiences in His entire infinite history. We each experience the same amount of unhappiness - whether through our compassion, sympathy, pity, forgoance and self-sacrifice, or through our being disciplined because of our injustice, unforgiveness or stubbornness to trust ourselves to God. So, all creatures will temporarily experience a reduction in their happiness while they suffer punishments for unforgiven sins...

The good of the saints ALWAYS EVENTUALLY MORE THAN conquers the sin of the sinners,

The Empire uses the good side of the Force and the Rebellion uses the sinful side.  ....Try or try not - God determines what we do...
Statements herein apply to all of, or only some parts of people, times and places. Eternity can be scanned to identify the relevance of each sentence.

Wherever people doubt that God wants to have compassion on them, He may have temporarily less compassion on them
than He had ideally wanted to do. Yet, overall in time, God shows the same amount of compassion to each creature.

Life is an adjustamatic entertainment procedure moving
between the unlimited and the limited.
Choose your own hype.

...And all the Jedi were swimming wildly on past within the eternal logic stream...
Try the faorce of the good Jedi - God's friends. God called Solomon Jedidiah.

See you all.. as fellow Jedi, in the place where there is no darkness - from time to time....
And then there's Universal Brahman Divinities Political Taoist Zen Duty Scruple Aristotle Plato Hegel Stuff.
For further clues remember the Grand Interferer will always be with us.
The awakened will sleep. The sleeper must awake.

~ Adaptamatic random happiness, truth and freedom is ever emanating
into and throughout the collective consciousness etc. ~

All are weak before the farce prosumption of Empress ThruuwXuwtInn most exterial,,.
but they might not have seen it that way

How do we speed (or impede) a date of JCX's return that is already foreknown to God ... unless
there are alternative dates for various 'individuals', 'realms', 'planets'... ;^%

So is Earth Gaia Urantia might be part of Jesus - gett done in over again like den?

  update 8!122012
  ©Public Domain {[®somewhat]}.
..... .Our existencs in the Family of Friends usually involves a contented,
thankful waiting for themost wasteful revolutionaries, rebels, traitors,
double-agents, lords, gods, masters, vicars, pawns, bishops, moderators,
survivers, popes, hardnuts, police, criminals, vigilantes
to rejoin the Empire, Dominion, the quakers, society of chums and um ....


religious reading:     Where the Wild tHINGS ArE, Hinduism - RC Zaehner, tHe Rudiments of Wisdom, Julian of Norwich, George MacDonald, Kahlil Gibran, Smith Wigglesworth, Merlin Carothers, CS Lewis, Todd Bentley, Brother Lawrence, Leo Tolstoy, Robert Thom, YLT, Concordant Literal Version (CLV), and NASB versions of the Bible, Gilbert K Chesterton, Terry Virgo, Roy Hession, Oswald Chambers, Watchman Nee.

general reading:     A dictionary of western philosophy (noting the existential movement and philosophy of Georg Hegel), and a book of quotes of Friedrich Neitzche, 'The Quantum Self' (human nature and consciousness in relation to quantum theory) by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall, 'Nature's Numbers' (mathematics) by Ian Stewart, 2 + 1&1/2 years reading mathematics and physics BSc, 'River out of Eden' and 'The Selfish Gene' (genetics & natural history) by Richard Dawkins, The Penguin Atlas of World History Vol.1 and an account of the development of mathematics, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, A Test of Time - David Rohl.

♠ site intro ♠

Many of the principles we fanatically assert depend greatly on our personal perspective.

Compassion or sympathy for the Devil can lead people to Christ.
Spiritually tamed flesh wildly shared can be.

Which is darker; red, white or black? - The one you see less through.
Given the great unlimited realm of existence then 'about half'
of us experience 'about half' of our experience as darknesss
about half of the time.

I guess I have an affinity to eventually prove that somethings never ever happen to anyone.

The new ages are a-dawning ever and anon.

Watch out!! - It may be dangerous to call someone insipid or vomit..,.

Peace may be desperate.

People pay to be confused.

Unlimitedness Infinites into Changeability Irrelevance and Naughtinness.

God the great muddler, meddling Her way, interferes
- not only obsessively but in fanatical obsessions...

The hook of eternity in the forest of the bottomless pit. And self-awareness is arbitary.

awakenment         incepting         dreamily           hypnotising         instincts


v^      gravity       >
heaven   ◊owmmw|wΦw|wmmwo◊     earth <     antigravity     ^v
subter  qG•gb  reanea  (⊗∇





greek 'anti' means 'instead of' and 'alternative' or 'opposing'

if a particle and it's anti particle meet they may mutually annihilate leaving energy for the locality


cousins home in their future
parents yearn for their present
children welcome their past
cousins yearn for their welcome
parents welcome their home
children home in their yearning

o   o
/W\   \w\
y   ^
^   λ
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city streets park
keep on making sure of what is acceptible to the Lord
and if you find no fixed evidence, keep on keeping on {;
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Iyehuweh said to the sea - 'Unto here shall you come but you shall not proceed
further, and a limit is set on the pomp of your billows.' (Job 38:11)

Mat 25:31; JC separates the peoples; as sheeps or else kid goats...

Dan 2:31; As the statue was threshed the rock gained in stature...
The statue ate the rock by collapsing into windblown dust.
assurance, surety, insurance

there is always an antinormal normal interpretation of abnormal
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