. . . prose a-stories a poem . . . .


Drizzle, pal sun
the ancient makar
incing o’ tree stump
oblique sense of future vista

Raising the quill of the mind
he is a-drenched in the ivy before him

As if a she-bear passes with club foot
he penetrates whilst a perplexity is solvent

The sky rolls him onto the moss
heron transfixate from above
and their quick staring

sky fogs access
vista remains mere destinate

he records the banishing keys . . ..


at home in the garden
sitting, taking tea from cup
watching my tame woodpigeon..

my mind is...
feet flying
legs aswim
body rolling n rocking
my bone-set
hovers on past

perpetual amazement

she was hearty, with a caring mind
angels sang of her wit, and beauty
yet she lacked vision - and knew it
yet she was loaded - not with money,
but the private precious
evidence that she was winning....

..i've never met you before in my life..
you look different in many ways..
i feel almost as familiar with your 'sort' as with mine..
yet i've no idea why

- i could anticipate |how| to talk to you
but i've got no leads as to *what* to talk about...
I think its presumably the grand unified theory of physics
which is setting me up with much biological affinity yet
some law of nature makes our compatibility hang on the cusp of dilema..
is it because there are so few words available for opening lines
in my/our native tongue that i feel suddenly constrained?

unspeakably matching our way to each other's..
watching, listening.. meditating the senses
in a dynamic suspense..
responding through a trance of traded reality
..a pregnancy builds to break into conversation..
checking our mood against side distractions..
silence inducing flux in the sensibilities
..spontaneously the relevant idea selects for the bet
the thing is said...
momentary contemplation
a smile develops..
a reply is forming

shimmering grass dances in the sunlight
tree leaves sway and dip in the breeze
she steps with agile authority
towards the garden chair
carrying her hefty little frame
on child-sized feet and sits..
the magic organised in every pore
a relaxed natural little automatic smile
she turns to look.. her eyes beckon
something random in her ceremony
her royal hair is a crown of wildness

The sunlight works through the tree leaves
her hair

It kisses the freshly rain soaked grass
her steps

The cool of the air stirs around my body
her voice

....Death is necessary, without death,
we could not live. It should be celebrated,
for with every thing that dies, a new thing is given life.

the rain chased.... pearls exploding in the dirt
wind rides... from the clouds a smile
sounds sharpen in the ear
the grass shiney ablaze
....accountant puts his pens away

Walking down the grasses...
Sun attacking and caressing the scene
Trees stalking the wind – wild but tidy
Consciousness moving like webbed fly and spider
The slow season competing with the quick minded creation
Humans working with art and maths,
Playing between microscope and telescope
Feeling alone on their small rock – hurtling round their small fire ball,
Their small minds beginning to get a handle on their small cosmos,
Shocked at their small powers.


bright sun fell thru humid
layers of air with torrid heat
haunting question, why here
what has become of earth

how do I re-plot a course
re-thread my needle
hold to my song
every way might help

yet how will I account
for my misfitted beginnings?
consciousness must be tradable
blink and you are in a new universe


There were some green socks
They were passing the time with the purple socks
A passing vigilante triggered his bazooka at them
but a passing cup took the hit
and a peculiar hat ascended out of the carnage
A five pound note brisked off down a side alley
An actor gave chase politely while genetically mutating
into a mastermind contestant
The currency exchange token offered the actor some teeth cleaning chewing gum
The old lady danced across the zebra crossing.


Four storm clouds had made their way in amongst the canopy of the rose bushes, and since the purple watering can was taking a vacation, the earthworms came up to ask for water.

The chief thundercloud barked some orders to the others, by firing a few lightning bolts at some rose thorns. Soon the rose patch was getting quite a soaking, and the plants began to jig to and fro' - and dig their roots into the rainy areas, where the worms had left some handy wormholes.

The gardener sat back in his deck chair, watching the rain dance, while sipping at an elderflower cordial.

Nearby some dragonflies were chasing each other. One dragonfly remarked to the other - 'I notice somebody reading this takes it for mere fiction.'


As the people made their way cautiously past the group of arguing philosophers in the town square - they exchanged wise glances conveying that they were each aware of the meaningless nature of the day's discussion - yet because of their lack of compassion for the hypocritical intellectuals - in their vain controversial strivings, the problems in their own personal views of the universe only worsened...


In the combine harvester sat Jack. The sun was very bright in his eyes. He was loving the work and the field was almost cleared.
A large otter looked out from the shade by the river, watching him briefly. Then the river called once again and the otter stretched a little and rolled over and eagerly went back to the water. Swimming upstream it made for the bridge near the farm.
On the other bank, further back downstream four horse riders were also making for the bridge. And high above them a hawk was about to cross the river from the east. As it crossed the horse track it banked left and went south east over some woodland where the horses had been trekking.
These woods are oak and beech and its here that hazel nuts can be gathered by the children who live at Jack’s farm. Being autumn, the nuts were still fresh and the children were off from school and down at the wood competing with the squirrels. Over the river the sound of machinery suddenly died. Tea break.
To the children the lengthening shadows seem insignificant compared to the brilliant sunlight spotting the woodland clearings. A young hedgehog is cautiously crawling away from the sounds of the playing children. It heads further into the woods.
The river is swollen and moves with grandiose ease.
The sound of the harvester clatters into life.
Life rolls right on through....


I awoke in a quiet trance, strange music coming from a brook at my side. In the canopy birds harmonising.
Standing, I see pink sunlight illuminating the woodland park. Trees everywhere are moving rhythmically in the still moist air. In the green-blue sky multicoloured clouds drift slowly.
The vista is rich with life forms alike to the diversity of creatures that inhabit coral reefs. Fish-like animals fill the air, swimming in imperceptible fluid. Supple plants sway and lunge.
I walk over to a small pool, semi-translucent, it swirls with fluorescent coloured currents. Looking up I notice a saddled tyrannosaur coming over – ‘Do you want a ride?’ it asks...


Go amicably amid the
noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in turbulence.
As much as possible, and without impatience,
be appreciative of all persons.
Speak your truth relevantly and boldly;
and listen to others,
even the rich and intelligent;
they too have their story.
Beware of self-satisfied and cowardly persons,
or they may desolate your spirit.
If you don't compare yourself with others,
your perspective may become delusional;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your present as well as your future.
Continue to develop your vision, however old you are;
it is the resource by which you can increase your freedom and rest.
Exercise generosity in your business affairs;
for the world is full of greed.
But let this not blind you to what altruism there is;
many persons strive to realise their good hopes;
but then everywhere lives are full of angst.
Deny yourself.
Especially, do not pretend to love.
Neither be naive about love;
for in the face of all self-pity and loneliness
it is as hardy and ubiquitous as the weeds.
Take thankfully the counsel of the years,
happily consolidating the good things of youth.
Nurture submission of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
And do not frighten yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are encouraged by vanity and self-reliance.
By means of a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a creature of God,
and, no less than the gods and the angels,
your destiny is to become equal to it all.
And so then, whether or not you are presently comfortable,
no doubt everything will work together to make us all fully happy.
Therefore be at peace with God,
however impoverished your view of Him,
and whatever your efforts and desires,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your hopes.
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a glorious universe.
Accept thankfulness.
Be happy.


The One Who foreknew all the future, the Ancient One,
Richest in happiness, first to apprehend anything
Has perceived it all beforehand
And is running it through all over again
How would you like a bigger slice of His experience?
How would you like to share His thankful happiness and contentment?
To access His unfolding blessing;
Cease hiding from His presence within you, turn to Him
And put Him in command of your every action...


Floods of light hiding in the darkness
Colours indistinguishable within the grey
Shades of light unperceived in the brightness
Influential activities undetected within the universe
Our blindness defining us, we find awareness of our guiding light
As we learn to grope for the inner light switches
We await the unveiling of the hidden universe...


Happiness and sadness
Worthiness and unworthiness
Thankfulness and ingratitude

Pleasure and pain
Wealth and poverty
Growth and disease

Beauty and ugliness
Freedom and slavery
Truth and lies


Considering my inner experience can be like rolling over my snowball
- picking up new thoughts from my surroundings.

Ruminating like a cow in the open field - I pick over my unsorted ideas,
evaluating by taste and so forming my attitudes.

Flinging out a fishing line of meditation into the ocean of eternity
- I await a revelation concerning the bait of my enquiry.

Brooding like a mother hen over some interesting imaginings
- I wait the emergence of some related observations, perceptions and knowledge.

Reflecting on the appreciations of the Lord,
I shed the skin of my old mind - like a snake....


As if I could kiss spring sunlight
   as it filters through the fresh leaves
    of a young horse-chestnut.
As if I could breathe the small clouds
   scudding across the shining
    blue dome above.
As if my eyes and skin could
   ray forth fresh light in grateful reply
    to the touch of midday sunlight.
As if with the agile dance of the
   standing trees I could step
    windward into the coming age
As if with the force of a hail storm
   I could press through the membrane
    of my cocoon...


In the shadow of Your holiness
I make my heart steadfast
My gaze is lifted to the great Finish and Beginning
Eternity ringing in me as an infinite alarm bell
Down again my gaze must fall
New sap reaches me on God's Grapevine, new music a-stir in the aether
And God's reflection smiles up at me, pushing me to new things...


Conceived in sin
Dust landing where it can

From the inner darkness – too dark
Kicked out into the light – too bright

Grasped by a life too mighty to grasp
Paraded out into the universal cobweb

Injected with dreams of getting equal to it all

The storm erupts
Branches stretch skyward
Crows swoop and wheel, clouds swirling and breaking
Rain hammers the turf


My mind is looking for something random
Pictures whose shapes are dissimilar
And patterns that are continually different

My mind is listening for something complex
Sounds that don't have much rhyme
And rhythm that continually changes

Where symmetry is rare
And the sequences don't repeat or reverse


Jesus lies on a hillside, on His front - hands by his head
- He looks to the right, resting his head on stone.
...A stream trickles by to his left
He intercedes for the world
 With God he bargains
...Freedom from debt interest,
 ...Livelihood for the poor
...Fairer trade prices,
 ...Efficient trade
...A new world system...


Searching the invisible inner perceptions
Of the transcending realities in our existence.
The inner realm reveals the negotiations of the various wills.
The mind invisibly contrasts and compares, fixing the relevance
Of each new experience into a hierarchy of the beings sensed within.
The story of the unfolding relationships being interpreted
According to the mysterious metric of infinite love,
Which appeals in the consciousness - dancing about...
In its clowning seriousness, jumping between riches and poverty,
Frantically compelling the attentions of the conscience -
Forcing the outer shell of the visible things
To function as a dynamic conduit of increasingly profound significances...


Watching and waiting for maturity and consummation
Mustering contentment I tread through the desolation
Reminding myself that all injustice paid me will be fairly rewarded

Who needs my self besides me
Here is a cross of pacifism and the neglecting of past failure
Where is the Love in me leading towards my day of reckoning?

I have to grasp the fire of godliness and fill my spirit
I must release the fountain of holy waters in me
I will die again to find my life

Heaven's kingdom will keep me modest and patient
Asking for generosity, seeking for truth, knocking for freedom
Mere efforts should lead to continual improvement

Thankfully rejoicing in our best happiness that lies ahead,
Thankful for our present happiness and sadness,
Remembering what was good in our past

Attentions inspire apprehensions
Apprehensions develop sense processing
Sense processing leads to decisions
Decisions form intentions
Intentions beget tryings
Tryings make doings

And through the negotiations of our minds
Individualism's day is transformed into shared experience


Hey-man! Alright!
You're doing fine
Good to see you again
I knew you would recognise me
After such an interesting interval
You know me from just any old guy
And you can see that I'm feeling harder up
So don't wait to be asked, give what's mine
And you'll be blessed for a time


Seeing the breeze lift plant stems and tree leaves
I feel eager that I could breathe commands to the air
To move the scene with some sublime choreography

The winter air is damp and still
Silence enshrouds the occasional sounds

In the greyed hues of the scene two gulls fly by
The trees stand expectant of the coming orchestrations of the wind

I am waiting too, warm behind my window
-For what?
For the growing of the wet grass below?
For the white sky to darken?
For another flight of starlings?

A crow arrives, a man walks past...
...I seem to be waiting for more contentment...

Watching the river from the shade
Fast parts chasing slow parts
Dragonfly traverses the area
Water reflecting sunlight onto the overhanging trees
Two butterflies perform a double-helix
Tea, black, no sugar

A dark corner contains a bowl of shiny fruit
An ancient mangle painted with sun and shade
A young tree forcing out blossom
Heavy ocean tugged by wind explodes on a beach
A narrow path reaches a highway
The weather moves stately and sublime across the land
At the quarry, the ring of hammers
At home, I rest, digesting, fruit bowl empty

A man, high-stepping it up a mountain pass
A pigeon pacing it out overhead
A dolphin strides beside a boat
A squirrel snaking through a wood
A tortoise parades upon a bridge
A thousand tigers swim across a garden

- Dolphins hum-whistle -
A double rainbow scatters light
A jet roars overhead
A canopy of birds scream at each other
A cactus shimmers in the heat
A key turns in the lock
A student puts his pen down
A rabbit darts into a hole

Orang-outang hangs limp - but taut
Breeze changes direction
Orang-outang falls - and lands like butter
A bird makes off
The forest stirs like the ocean...

Late Spring, gambolling home after dark... Shiny rain-dampened streets
Mist making sound muffled and close. Friends winding up their conversations
-- say their goodbyes... Familiar paths greeting my steps in new ways!


With God's noble dream
You'll conquer shame
Dream those bright dreams
Through the pain
When reckoning comes
You'll find your true place
In the human race

Behold the Light - upon a stick - Darkness glowers - but light does prick

To do a new thing and leave the old
The wise are cautious, the wise are bold

The glamour of the desert
Shimmering and twinkling
The rippling mirage
The wistful wind
Shining sky
Sand radiating heat
The crystal surface ever the traveller

Gulls patrolling
Dolphins cutting cold water with their smiles
An ape hangs sprawled amidst a tree
A youth leaps to grasp a winter branch
An old man standing at the brightness of his window takes some more tea
Through the dark winter trees the fresh grass-green park
A path lies uncoiled in the wood

Thunder in the air, a band marching past
Aloof yet prepared, rocking and rolling
The sweet chestnuts are charred
A crow steps about - the time is yet afar
But the timetable is being unveiled
Orders are being given, creativity still to transpire
Energy not yet invested, events yet to coalesce
The aether pulsating with purpose
Lights aglowing through the stern damp cold
The bellows are pumping, the cracks are showing
The tambourines are chiming, a new strong song adrift
As the vacuum is expanding, the dance is harnessing power
And the Anointed One steps swaying...
Amid the glory of descending and ascending vapours and smoke...
Slowly His steps are turning about and about
The pace gathering becomes heavy
It is being consolidated

Cool breeze -- Heaps of shingle
Gulls wheel and cry
Breaking surf, the sky darkens
Clouds scud

Bright, cool, breezy
Pervading calm, cloudless blue
Freedom, satisfaction -- peace

Grey pearly sky glowing
Cold breeze shifting --- tree buds bursting
Ground damp with yesterday's rain

Photon hail
Need to squint
Air is close
Smells emerge
A good time for a lager & lime

Rain dampened scene, sky -  clouded grey, air -  cool and sharp
Wind combs the trees tops

Cool, damp air
Early Summer
Rain pitter-patters
On plane tree leaves above
Coffee, black, no sugar

The daylight is grey-white, rain is steady
Wood pigeons perched as sentinels
In the shiny wet bare trees
Puddles dancing

Heat rising, melts the stoney crust
Ice splits rocks
Ivy goes rambling, trees loom up over houses
Rain adds rust to iron
Frost bites bricks
Humanity goes crawling, running, striding
   from the wilds to the City
Boats are paddled, blown and driven
   across, along, down and up life's waterways
Starlight traveling through the firmament
   torches in the mines - darkness shadowing the light
Gravity and anti-gravity eternally negotiating
   Endless life fizzing in the vacuum

Mild, late Autumn
Damp, still, drizzly air
Slight smell of early fallen leaves
Muffled crack of fireworks echoing
Smell of cannabis and gunpowder
Rockets light up the low cloud cover
I think I'll go make a dandelion coffee...

Dark and cloudy. Yellow street lights
Cold, damp and misty - breath vapour condensing
Moisture and mouldering leaves
Algae, moss and dirt
Time to reflect and meditate
...with a lager and lime

There was a Mr. Green who was partial to caffeine
And once in the mood
He usually brewed
In such a way that he stewed...

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