. . . Loving Happiness . . . .

The WAY, the SPIRIT and the GREATEST One is the meaning
of the IYEHUWEH Three-Persona God, the Son, the Spirit and the Father.

We have Three FOCUSSES in order to experience the way of justice to the Lord's happy destiny:

We have Seven FACTORS to consider by which we can grow to fulfil the three focusses:
JUSTICE practised CONTINUALLY towards.... EVERYBODY...
whether through LIKING by GIVING with BELIEF or EXPECTATION.

This way of Love has three functions - regarding our present sense of personal destiny:

Appreciate - in the now, as much as is fair of our infinitely maximised happiness - from the faithful wider hope of godly universalism.

Make the best of the present - single-mindedly loving everyone according to how loving and loveable they have become.

Make forgetfulness of sin and suffering. If you will never ever experience it again it is absolutely your past and this is to secure your ideal happiness - if you regret losing it you may be forced to forever forget that you lost it - for you own contentment. But hoping optimistically for what cannot be yours is an ideal hope in of itself and harmless.

FAULTLESSNESS being the ONE key in applying all these things is measured by how accurately you practise these things for your selves (yours and your neighbours) in regard to how you are aware that your selves should fairly experience them. This Integrity of faultless good-will in your selves may accelerate the intensity and wisdom, or, maturity of your Enjoyment (liking), Love (Giving), Faith (believing), Trust (hoping) - making your happy harmony towards God's universe more worthy - more quickly - as secures your 'retirement'.

Entertainment outlives boredom. God is saying to everyone 'Let Me entertain you!'. Religion's meaning is to love - love's purpose is to entertain. God will make us fully thankful for all our experiences. God is happy-sad - lovingly happy to be temporarily sad. God IS good and only allows evil because He can create out of it a greater happier kind of good. Its all gonna be made infinitely much more fair than unfair...

Ultimately, overall, it's all for the best - each one's sufferings bring them their best possible future! God will eventually save all of us from sin and suffering and share His happiest experience of eternity with everyone...

We are all destined to be fully happy and equally content... We all evolve to ideally like or love Iyehuweh, the Operator and Creator of all, Whose name is Love. God has more love for those people which His love has forced to be more willing to love. Either people become fully loving so that they are all fully loveable, and therefore equally loved or people come to fully like their life and are fully likeable and are all equally liked.

The maximum possible infinitely intense equivalence of the importance of all beings throughout eternity is made possible by loving happiness infinitely cancelling out finite suffering..

The greatest appreciation for happiness is that success is the greater because of the failures, the second greatest appreciation is the experience of pure success, and the third is appreciation for the temporary failures themselves....

Without the creation of opposing wills in existence and sinful failures - we could never happily experience our failures along with our successful endeavours... Our various forms of love each combine with our sin and sufferings to transubstantiate them into the best possible happinessess which replace all the temporary sufferings of love and sin. And so the temporary existence of suffering and lost happiness are both theoretically absolutely necessary to allow and cause the fully maximised experience of the happy pleasure of appreciation, love and thankfulness in eternity and the maximised forgetting of all sadness and pain of the disliking ones...

The main meaning of all God's ordering, creating and evolving activity is to combine His loving happinesses and sufferings with His creature's sinful happinesses and sufferings to synthesize the best maximum possible equivalence of intensity of all existent loving happinesses. And so, a main purpose of life, the universe and everything is that God and His creatures may come to experience the maximum loving intensity of happiness forever and collectively travel through the maximum diversity of equivalently important happy experiences.

The exact way that we choose to do justice or sin always provides us with the very best possible situation in the universe from which to learn to love more ideally. So, from the eternal viewpoint, our exact circumstances always suit us in precisely the most ideal way possible - in order to synthesise in the best possible way the maximised equivalence of all loving happiness. Our circumstances are always an ideal resolution, opportunity, challenge and channel for us.

Overall in time, God is equally merciful and fair to all of us, and we are equally lucky overall - but temporarily our luck is unequal... In each person's entire infinite history, we will each experience the same completion of contentment of happiness, and the same 'finitely intense' discontent that God experiences in His entire infinite history. Loving happiness and suffering are the revelation and the mystery, the answer and a question. While we are in periods of unknowing our love may be more of a mystery than a revelation, or more a question than an answer...

A great command of the Mama's ideal love:
Lovingly happily appreciate everyone else rather than yourself - according to how loveable they are... Having this appreciation influences your greatest happiness (1Jn 3:16 , Php 2:3-9 , Mt 5:38-48). We should be equivalating our happy appreciation of everything else with our appreciation of ourselves...

God's happy appreciation may prefer others' goodnesses, expectations or beliefs more than its own... this appreciation is a great key to maximise success:
Some people who are seemingly having the most influence over the future/past are those who are most preferring the loving appreciations of all others more than their own, and to a degree appropriate to how much each of those persons are loving each other to appropriate degrees. Yet in God's fair economy we may be asked, from time to time, to equalise our preference for others with a preference for ourselves, since we might receive also with love for other people's love for us.

A great open-ended promise of God:
If you ask to receive something then you will receive what you ask for when the best time comes. As we entrust our will to God so that we yearn for the priorities of God - then we will eventually get what we want. Yet distinguishing spirits is required to be sure that the promise is true for us as otherwise and you will receive a suitably gratifying substitute for what you were expecting.

A universal religion which saves everyone from further sinning and punishment:
Love, expect or trust that God will make you blamelessly and ideally good as He is ideal - so you will be rewarded with what you need of God's Own happy experience, and you eventually escape all further suffering. And what is ideally good? To do unto others as much as we would have them do unto us ( Tit 2:11).. As also we would do unto ourselves as much as we think others should do for us.

Happiness or generosity or the willingness to love, which are rewarded with happiness:
Love's contest of doing justice is to keep us optimistic and win us the grace of happiness. God is making those who are chosen to become fully willing to love - each in their time - so that they are all blended together in good and bad acts that work together to make us all to be fully happy. Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. Those who win then, in the race for primary rank in God's kingdom, might seem to be those who become fully willing to love fully yet there are infinitely many sudden overtakings in the moral credit ratings so that infinitely many people who may seem to be positioned to 'achieve' the great universal Reward first at a last instant may sin by a 'simple twist of fate' so as to fall back and stay in the very last place until all are 'across the line' beyond which happiness is completed. To achieve this eternal reward state all have happiness, many are giving (gracious) and many are willing to give - and many are combinations of these three. So anyway it is also true that the eternal reward state itself reflects the same kind of diversity of experience. Some are going to be more, and some less but all become equivalently important however they may vary in greatness.

Liking or Loving and Our destiny: Everyone will be forever fully and equally happy - yet, for many of us, our individual temporal greatnesses, diversities, and fullnesses will vary from the maximum to minimum within the eternal story:
The extent of the idealness of our happiness, and/or the justice of our love is the proportion of our ability that we are willing to use to be good or do good. To love means to like giving which requires belief that it will be received and/or hope that it will be received. God loves us in proportion to the faultlessness or idealness of our love - and to enjoy receiving love - by belief or hope in the love of others, is in itself a form of love.. Yet those who are not experiencing love neverless experience happiness. So, once each in their turn has attained the fully ideal happiness or love of God then all become fully and equivalently blessed by God with happiness or love, forever. The order in which a person attains the ideal happiness or love of God determines and suits their ultimately happy story in eternity.

God, regards not so much the greatness of the work, but the love or happiness with which it is performed.

Single-minded mindfulness eliminating pain ~ free from fear, worry or hate makes possible access to love perfected.

We should not be wastefully concerned about the growth of our
love but let God recycle our worries.

Some loves forgo all except what is needed to love, and some loves believe all truths presented to it.

God's love is an eager dance between the maximum permitted emptiness
and all the various degrees of fullness of experience.

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